I am an Associate Professor in the UNC Department of Mathematics, and am broadly interested in low-dimensional topology, representation theory, homological algebra, category theory, and their interactions. At the moment, I’m particular interested in (higher) TFTs derived from link homology and in link homology theories associated with non type A representation theory.

My office is Phillips 302, and my email is my first and last names @unc.edu. My CV can be found here.

My work is currently supported by NSF CAREER Grant DMS-2144463 and by Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant 523992.

My former student Logan Tatham and I won an award! Read about it here.

I affirm a woman’s right to choose (i.e. to make decisions about their health and body). In light of recent actions taken by radicals on the US Supreme Court, I will decline any invitation to travel to speak in a state where abortion is illegal or unduly restricted.