Fundamentals of Link Homology

Day/Time: Wednesdays from 12pm–2:30pm
Location: Zoom 956 6134 3003


Date Topic Speaker Media
6/30 Basics of Khovanov homology Dave Rose (University of North Carolina) Notes
Examples and connections to combinatorics Matt Hogancamp (Northeastern University)
7/7 Properties and topological applications Gage Martin (Boston College) Slides
7/14 The Bar-Natan 2-category Andrew Adair (University of North Carolina) Notes
7/21 Problem session None Problems
7/28 Knot polynomials, Hecke algebras, and symmetric functions Matt Hogancamp (Northeastern University) Notes
8/4 Triply-graded link homology and Soergel bimodules Dave Rose (University of North Carolina) Notes
8/11 Computing Hochschild Cohomology of the Full Twist Luke Conners (University of North Carolina) Notes
9/15 Y-ification Eugene Gorsky (University of California, Davis) Notes
9/22 Symmetry of Khovanov-Rozansky homology Matt Hogancamp (Northeastern University)

(Note: the password for the zoom room is ***(B), where *** is replaced by the notation for “Homology of Hochschild Homology”)