Graduate Students:

Andrew Adair is a 3rd year PhD student, currently thinking about categorical braid group actions.

Luke Conners is a 2nd year PhD student, currently thinking about triply-graded link homology. His CV is here

Undergraduate Students:

Gillian Taylor is a senior honors student. Gillian is currently thinking about link and 3-manifold invariants.


Lily Gergle defended her honors thesis on web and foam (2-)categories in Spring 2021. Lily is starting Part III at the University of Cambridge in Fall 2021.

Abby Watkins defended her honors thesis on traces of the Temperley-Lieb category in Spring 2021. Abby is starting the PhD program at the University of Indiana in Fall 2021.

Logan Tatham defended his PhD thesis, On the quantum type C spider, in Spring 2020. Our joint publication, based on parts of Logan’s thesis, is here. Logan is currently a mathematician at the Department of Defense.

Dylan O’Connor defended his honors thesis, An introduction to the volume conjecture, in Spring 2020. Dylan is currently a PhD student at the CUNY graduate center.