Graduate Students:

Andrew Adair is a 5th year PhD student, currently working on categorical braid group actions.

Luke Conners is a 4th year PhD student, currently working on colored triply-graded link homology. His CV is here


Gillian Taylor defended her honors thesis 3-Manifold Invariants in the Category Web(sp(4)) in Spring 2022. Read a Q&A with Gillian here.

Lily Gergle defended her honors thesis Categorification techniques for Temperley–Lieb category and Web(sp(4)) in Spring 2021. Lily is starting Part III at the University of Cambridge in Fall 2021.

Abby Watkins defended her honors thesis on traces of the Temperley-Lieb category in Spring 2021. Abby is starting the PhD program at the University of Indiana in Fall 2021.

Logan Tatham defended his PhD thesis, On the quantum type C spider, in Spring 2020. Our joint publication, based on parts of Logan’s thesis, is here. Logan is currently a mathematician at the Department of Defense.

Dylan O’Connor defended his honors thesis, An introduction to the volume conjecture, in Spring 2020. Dylan is currently a PhD student at the CUNY graduate center.